What are MOPS and what are its benefits?


Are you a Preschooler’s mom? Do you feel isolation and loneliness, and want to get in contact with other moms? MOPS is a global, non-profit support group committed to addressing mom’s needs — from the moment she conceives until her child begins kindergarten.

MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers, a service tailored to foster mothers of children from pre-school to infancy. It is a fun, caring atmosphere in which moms can make new friends, exchange experiences and laugh together.

A traditional gathering starts with fellowship and refreshments. Every week a new subject was added, with the opportunity to debate in small groups.

Are you MOPS?

If you’re a moms of Preschoolers… MOPS is for you

  • Are pregnant or have a child (new born in the preschool)
  • Want to make new friends, and share motherhood struggles and joys
  • Looks for personal growth opportunities through trusted tools
  • The Society loves giving back


Quality child care is delivered by Calvary’s employed and background-checked childcare providers who love and nurture children. The kids are divided into classes suitable for ageing. Kids, newborn through 6-months, can stay with mom. In our MOPS KIDS program, MOPS moms are asked to participate for two meetings during the MOPS year.

The aim of this ministry is to provide each child with a healthy and stimulating atmosphere, and to introduce them to God’s love while their mummies participate in the MOPS program just down the hall.

Moms can opt-out of MOPS KIDS service by paying a $50 childcare fee upon registration.

Income MOPS

Sign up for MOPS and you’ll receive:

  • A Welcome Package packed with treats of all kinds only for moms.
  • Weekly Expert videos to share advice on the things you really care on.
  • Pick Collectives and Quarterly Digital Rewards for unique digital access to prepare and inspire you.

Moms Mentor

If your kids are older and you’re looking for a way to give back to younger moms, consider joining MOPS as a mentor. You will help inspire and promote MOPS and MOMSnext members by keeping babies, offering advice and prayer, and just being available to listen to the concerns and questions all moms are going through on their parenting journey.

MOPS provides many types of groups to fulfil moms’ ever-evolving needs:

Common MOPS groups: For moms planning or having children, babies or preschoolers. Groups normally meet at a church twice a month at different times to accommodate the needs of the community. A MOPS meeting typically involves realistic instruction by speakers, presentations, and videos — plus typically there’s food you haven’t made — and frank discussions with other moms who appreciate the motherhood’s joys and frustrations.

MOMSnext groups: For school-age mothers. MOMSnext groups are geared for moms who still pursue communication and interaction with older children. Groups usually meet at a church twice a month, but each group may adjust venue, schedule, and curriculum to accommodate the group’s needs.

MOPS originated as a small group of 8 moms in 1973 and has now grown into an international organization with church and other locations operating in more than 60 countries around the world. MOPS helps moms to build one-of-a-kind mom groups in their own neighborhoods, based on faith. Many groups provide childcare, so participants can interact face-to – face with other mothers, while children are healthy, and also make friends.

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